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Vol. 37, Núm. 4 (july-august) 2016



On the art of breastfeeding and the Breastfeeding Symposium at the Instituto Nacional de Pediatría.

Irma Zazil Olivares Zandoval


Original articles


Pharmacokinetics of metformin in split tablets and in a liquid extemporaneous formulation for paediatrics, in healthy adult volunteers.


L Rivera-Espinosa, G Pérez-Guillé, JL Chávez-Pacheco, LM Torres-Espíndola, H Juárez-Olguín, R Alemón-Medina


Low index of suspicion for antibody deficiency in children who underwent otolaryngology surgical procedures.

AB Ramírez-López, CG Zúñiga-Lagunes, A Martínez-Viveros, EA Medina-Torres, C Murata, SE Espinosa-Padilla, SO Lugo-Reyes


Case reports


Haddad syndrome: a case report and literature review

JO Santellán-Hernández


Anatomoclinical case records of the National Institute of Pediatrics Mexico

Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma and the importance of supportive therapy in pediatric oncology

CA Galván-Díaz, R Cárdenas-Cardós, CM Rojas-Maruri, RM Palma-Rosillo, MR Aguilar-Ortiz


Review article

CHAMACON: potentially lethal exposures in pediatrics

S Bazán-Godínez, JG Pérez-Tuñon


Pediatric criteria

Coagulation tests

N López-Santiago

Blood cytometry

N López-Santiago


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